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Meet Robin Magnotti-Moberly, LMT

Being a caretaker at heart, I wanted to find myself in a profession that was more of a “calling” than a career. After many years in the corporate world, and after the birth of my two children, I made a major path change. Combining the crafts of massage therapy and birth doula care allowed me to create a business that highlights my skills of kindness, intuition and intelligence.

The human body is special and sacred, and I find that working with individuals at various stages in life is an honor. In my two distinct career paths, I am able to both separately and collectively provide care from the perspective of body, mind and spirit.

Born and raised on the east coast, my ability to be direct and clear is interwoven with a focus on being soft, nurturing and caring. I value the experience of being present with my clients - clearly listening and helping them imagine what their care and healing can look like. My communication and interactive style is strong and grounded in maturity.

With a profession that requires me to be on call and to be flexible with scheduling, my personal life is both grounded and adventurous! I am married to a caring and supportive high school theater arts teacher and I am the mother of two children currently navigating young adulthood. I love to read, travel, garden, kayak, hike and attend the theater.

BIRTH DOULA CARE (Note: I am currently on hiatus from active doula work)

Many of us think about what it will be like to become a parent. And when that “big day” is on the calendar, we dream about what it will look like to bring our child into the world. Imagine being fully supported both physically and emotionally during the pregnancy and birth process. Would that feel empowering? Satisfying? Peaceful?

As a doula, my role is to support you through the months of your pregnancy by providing that much-needed support and to inspire you to create a vision for your labor and delivery. And when the day of arrival comes, I will be there with you physically, hold space for you emotionally and coach you and your partner(s) to stay focused and prepared for whatever the birth experience brings.

My doula support is judgment-free and tailored to YOUR birthing intentions. My practice is open to all types of families, gender identities, sexual orientation, religions and ethnicities. I am a person who holds the intention of sincere welcome.

As a birth doula, I use my intuition and communication skills to work with families during this very intimate and important experience. Many clients have commented that my skills as a massage therapist have been extremely beneficial during the different stages of labor. I have acquired a broad range of experiences including births at home, birth centers or hospitals, high risk pregnancies, VBAC/HBAC, medicated or non-medicated, cesarean births, water births, gay/queer families, single parents, previous birth trauma, abuse survivors and folks with mental health challenges. It has been my honor to have been present at the births of nearly 150 new lives.

Studies show that having a doula can have a significant positive impact on the birth experience. This encouragement can contribute to shorter labors, less incidence of intervention and complications, and fewer cases of postpartum depression.

Parents with strong support during birth report greater confidence in parenting, less problems with feeding, and feeling more successful in adapting to life after baby joins the family.

My role as a doula is to support you in the way that is best for your individual family through education, inspiration, and empowerment.

In an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to keep my clients and myself healthy, I am currently doing most, if not all, of my meetings remotely.  Births, of course, are attended in person.  In addition, I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

Birth Doula Clients served in following areas: Greater Seattle area from Northgate and areas north of Seattle including Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Woodinville, Bothell, Snohomish, Everett, Marysville, Arlington, Stanwood, Camano Island and Mt. Vernon. My doula services are available for births in hospitals, homes and birth centers.

My massage office is located in the Stanwood, WA.  I do not take health insurance, but I am open to taking new clients at this time paying out of pocket and for automobile accidents (PIP).   > Contact me

Massage therapy

When was the last time you REALLY relaxed? How do you give yourself the gift of calm? Have you considered massage?  The benefits of massage are vast. Along with pain relief and stress reduction, they include increased flexibility, improved sleep, reduced anxiety - the list goes on.

Finding an experienced and intuitive massage therapist may be the key to getting the relief you need.

As your massage therapist I will listen to your concerns, experiences and preferences. You know your body best. A good massage is not just a familiarity with all of the muscles and syndromes, but being able to listen to each individual body. Working with you, I will adapt a massage that meets your needs. Many different bodywork styles are available - relaxing Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue work, Craniosacral Therapy techniques, Pressure Point therapy and the use of hot stones. With my Spa Massages, you will also benefit from the pampering hot towels, hot rocks, aromatherapy and a foot scrub.

My massage practice is open to a wide variety of clients. From young people to senior citizens, from those with physical injury to anyone wanting to relax and unwind, there is important work to be done to compassionately help your reach your goals.

prenatal & postpartum massage

The childbearing years can be some of the most physically and emotionally complex times in a human’s life. After my own two pregnancies, I found a passion for using massage to offer relief and relaxation to others during their childbearing years.  As a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist I have extensive experience working with pregnant and postpartum bodies.

Why prenatal and postpartum massage? From early in pregnancy to the last, exhausting days before birth, the body transforms dramatically. After birth, it works tirelessly over time to move back to something “normal”. Massage helps create a physical and emotional balance. It benefits the pregnant person, provides a comfortable growing experience for the baby and helps the post-birth body recover. Massage calms your muscles and relieves pain. It can help your mind find peace and aids the relaxation-to-sleep process.

Massages are provided in a cozy side-lying position with pillows and the use of a hydraulic table which adjusts for maximum safety and comfort for various positions during the treatment.

With a thorough understanding of the pregnant and postpartum body’s physical changes, I provide a safe massage experience, incorporating proper positioning and techniques in areas that must be treated differently or avoided.


"Robin has such a warm and calming presence.  I felt 100% cared for and that my fears and concerns were being listened to and considered.  I would have a very different opinion of my birth experience if Robin had not been there for me, her support turned what could have been a bad experience into a positive one."

- Camille, 2019


"Thanks to Robin’s amazing massage therapy work, I am able to function and move like a normal person again! I recommend her to all of my friends and would suggest that anyone looking for an A++ therapist see Robin."

- Cynthia


"Massage with craniosacral techniques with Robin is better than therapy. I appreciate her personal touch and look forward to seeing. My overall well-being has improved from knowing her."

- Linda"


"Robin encourages you to find your own path. She asked great questions and provided much-needed support to my husband so he always felt informed and not forgotten. Robin was the ideal doula for me and I highly encourage anyone to meet with her if you’re looking for a strong, confident, wise, and warm person to support you in your labor & delivery!"

- Chara, 2018


"Robin provided exactly the support my wife and I needed before, during, and after the birth of our son. She was there to coach me through contractions and offer her loving guidance in the blurry, sleep deprived, overwhelming days after birth. She is wonderfully knowledgeable, wise, empathetic and intuitive and we were honored to have her help us welcome our baby into the world."

- Dixie, 2019


"Robin is a grounded human being who has a true gift of helping families through one of the most beautiful and complicated of life's experiences with grace. Robin helped us celebrate victories, adjust and course correct through emotional and physical pains, massaged my body with such talented hands, and ultimately helped me have the most beautiful childbirth I could have ever dreamt up.  And for my husband, she was a quiet but ever present comrade helping him to be the best partner he could be in every moment.

Robin is a real champion and I feel beyond blessed that I was lucky enough to have had her as my coach. She made a magical moment sparkle that much brighter."

- Andrea, 2017 & 2019


"Robin's vast experience with massage and craniosacral techniques have helped me relax, unwind and release stress. Equally important, her caring heart and warm personality make me feel safe and valued. I always look forward to our next session!"

- Aleta


"Robin’s presence is so warm and comforting, and her big beautiful smile and sense of humor make you feel right at home with her. I started seeing her right away for prenatal massage, which was the best decision ever."

- Emily


"As a birth partner, I wanted a doula to do two things: (1) be an advocate, interpreter, and diplomat for us during labor & delivery so my wife and I could focus on what we had to do, and (2) be an expert who could help me help my wife through the whole process.  Knowing that we had Robin to turn to was a great relief before and during the experience.  Everyone has their own version of hard moments during labor & delivery; when ours happened, Robin was there to provide counsel, support, and confidence when we needed it."

- Kevin, 2015


"Robin gives amazing massages! In late pregnancy I had such bad lower back pain that I could barely move at the end of the day, but after her massages I had no pain for days!"

- Lauren


"Robin helped me feel empowered and confident but always reminded me to keep an open mind. She would say to me all the time throughout my pregnancy, “Give yourself grace“ and now as a new mom I remind myself of that everyday."

- Emily, 2018